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Compliance Management Systems available for multiple industries

The Compliance Management System is designed to keep all of one's policies and procedures in one centralized location for easy access. The CMS keeps one up to date on changing CFPB regulations within the industry. The CMS allows one to easily store and access policies and procedures organized by CFPB examination guidelines. In addition to the compliance modules, the CMS contains a multitude of applications to facilitate different aspects of training, auditing, complaint tracking and corrective action reporting which are part of the Menu-Maticâ„¢ closed loop compliance process.

Addressing consumer issues and compliance is a must for any organization. This innovative software enables you to organize, audit, store and keep track of your compliance materials, creating an efficient solution to managing your compliance needs. Bottom line, this software really is as easy as 1,2,3…Comply! Dr. Phillip D. Spears

Our Companies

Each company offers compliance products to different industries. We offer Compliance Management Systems for the Automotive Industry, Collections & ARM Industry, Education Industry and Mortgage Industry

Key Features

All of our Compliance Management Systems have the key features you see below.

CFPB Modules

Built off of the CFPB Examination Guidelines and allows storing of your policies

Complaint Tracker

Track and store complaints received by your organization

Compliment Tracker

Track compliments to offset any potential complaints

Corrective Action Reporting

Determine Root Cause, Recommendations, Action Items during the complaint resolution process

Phone Call Audits

Audit agent recordings for quality and to ensure compliance with the FDCPA guidelines

Disaster Recovery

A centralized repository that contains critical information about your organization to aid in recovering form a business disaster

Vendor Oversight

Did you know you are accoutable for your vendor's complaince? We've got you covered.

Risk Rating

A risk management tool for determining your vendor's level of risk


Manage Contracts and Invoices for all of your vendors


Keep all your Bonds & Licenses per state


Archive all information on Insurance and Deposits relating to your vendors

Disaster Testing

Store & retrieve your vendor's Disaster Recovery test results

Vendor Policies

Store your vendor's Policies & Procedures for easy access

Vendor Training

Manage personnel training materials subitted by your vendors

Penetration Results

Log the penetration test results of your vendor's IT environment

All of our Compliance Management Systems are mobile compatible

Available on Desktop, Apple, and Android

Compliance management at your finger tips, whether you are at the office or on the go, you have 24/7 access


Feel free to get in touch with us if you need a full complaince solution tailored to your industry

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